Bedtime Stories for Kids – The Homecoming

by Maggie on February 25, 2014

At that moment, I saw three faces at the glass door all wagging tails looking at me with excitement.

“Hello” they all barked together “Are you our new sister Mom and Dad told us about?”

“Yes, my name is Popsie” I replied. 

The door opened and squiggly, tail wagging, licky kissing, sniffy brothers and a sister surrounded me.

“Welcome Popsie my name is JD”, woofed this little black and tan dog.

“I am your eldest brother, this little squirt bouncing up and down is Churchill, and he is your second eldest brother”.

“Hello” said this gorgeous golden dog, a lot bigger than her brothers, pushing her way in.  ”A sister, I have a sister at last, my name is Willow, I am so glad you have arrived”.

“Hello,Hello, Hello” barked Churchill, “Welcome, welcome, welcome” he continued, bouncing up and down so high.  He had big ears and the teeniest tiniest face I had ever seen!

“Hello everyone” I barked with joy, waggling my tail so fast, I wondered if it would drop off.

“I am so glad you are happy to have me come live with you”.

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“Popsie Finds a Family” is an outstanding and highly recommended book.

If you are looking for short stories for kids or bedtime stories for kids then look no more!

Hi everyone, it is Popsie here, in this story which is Book 1 in the series “The Adventures of Popsie and Friends” I tell you in my own words when my life was very scary and sad, and how my dreams came true and I found a new Mommy and Daddy who love and adore me.

You see when I was just a teeny tiny ball of fluff; “The Nasty People” came and took me from my doggie mommy to their home, and then left me outside in all weathers without shelter or a dry clean bed.  Starved, full of fleas, weak and scared I struggled to survive.

I tell my story well and many of the emotions I went through are brought to life in a sensitive way, such as fear, sadness, loneliness, joy, hope, love and happiness.

The book has been written so that you can read it aloud to your children or your children can read it alone.

So you can get to know me even better, I let Mommy and Daddy take many real life photo’s of me, and put them in the book.

Mommy tells me animal stories for kids, especially dog stories are well accepted by children and exercise the imagination and make things come to life.

In my future books, I will tell you every adventure I get up to with my doggie sister and brothers and “The Kid” who is Mommy and Daddy’s grandson Brock. I also want to assure you that every book in this series will not only be full of adventures and have a happy ending, but will teach valuable life lessons along the way.

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