amazing true dog stories “Popsie Finds a Family” is an outstanding and highly recommended book with over 31 – 5 Star Reviews.  If your children adore Amazing True Dogs Stories then this book is one they will want to read over and over.

I will let Popsie take over from here and explain what this book is about – she is a clever dog!

True Inspirational Stories for Kids

Hi everyone, it is Popsie here, in this story which is Book 1 in the series “The Adventures of Popsie and Friends” I tell you in my own words when my life was very scary and sad, and how my dreams came true when I found a new Mommy and Daddy who love and adore me.

You see when I was just a teeny tiny ball of fluff; “The Nasty People” came and took me from my doggie mommy to their home, and then left me outside in all weathers without shelter or a dry clean bed.  Starved, full of fleas, weak and scared I struggled to survive.

Then one day I run away … I won’t go into more now as I will spoil the book for you.  Mommy always says “Popsie you are such a chatter box!”

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Natural Treatment For Cancer I would like to publicly share My Story regarding my fight against Cancer and Kicking its butt.

I find it very hard to tell my story, to put to paper what I have been through, laid out for everyone to read, however, I feel that I am being guided to do this, in order to give others hope and a firm belief and an unshakable inner knowing that Cancer is a word and not a death sentence and that you can by seeing yourself one with your body achieve an outcome where the medical profession will say to you “You are “NED” – you have No Evidence Of Disease.

On saying this I don’t want anyone to read my story and think, Oh, my cancer is different, and then give up hope.

Yes everyone’s cancer is going to be different, there are many forms of  cancer and each will affect everyone differently and the individual’s response will also differ.

I HAD yes that is correct HAD a very rare Peritoneal Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma. My last scan on the 21st September, 2015 showed no evidence of disease.

Here is a brief description of my story and what I am doing naturally to stop any regrowth.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Readers

November 7, 2015

It is so easy to make an Avid Reader Happy All you need to do is focus in on their passion,  reading! I have chosen gifts for women who adore reading – it really is the Best Christmas Gift for Readers Here is an easy plan for you to make them so happy and excited [...]

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The Spirit of Christmas – The Legend of Christmas Cake and where to BUY Christmas Cake

November 1, 2015

Christmas cake is an old English tradition which first appeared as plum porridge. It is claimed that the eating of the porridge on Christmas Eve, became popular because of the benefit was said to “line the stomachs” of the diners following a day of fasting. As time went by, dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge mixture, which eventually lead to the Christmas pudding we know today.
Later it is said at some time in the 16th century, the oatmeal was removed from the original recipe, and butter, wheat flour and eggs were substituted. These new ingredients helped hold the mixture together and in what resulted in a boiled plum cake, which also had the effect of improving the texture and the flavour. These changes had a major influence on the popularity of the “Cake”.

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Facts Everyone Should Know about Matcha Plus Matcha Green Tea Powder Where To Buy

October 25, 2015

I wish to share with you all today something that I adore, something I have a love affair with  and know that when I drink it,  it is actually healing my body and that is Matcha Green Tea. Matcha Green Tea and Cancer –  I continue to use Matcha Green Tea in my Health Regime [...]

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A MUST HAVE ~ The What For How To of Holistic Alternative Healing (For Kindle)

October 10, 2015

At last a book that helps you discover alternative paths to good health and vitality plus get in touch with your spiritual self. A book without heaps of waffle.  If you desire to be healthy and fit, boost your energy and vitality, dissolve tension and stress, achieve that inner glow plus find your spiritual self [...]

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Juice For Health: Apple, Celery, Beet, Carrot, Lemon and Ginger root

September 28, 2015

Every morning I juice fresh veggies and fruit and always use organic if available. The reason for this is to boost my immune system in order to stop a regrowth of a Rare Peritoneal Liposarcoma cancer ( I am now showing No Evidence of Disease) READ ABOUT MY JOURNEY HERE Please make sure before juicing [...]

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Aprons – Designer Aprons

September 22, 2015

As you know I just love to cook I love a busy kitchen and so does hubby. I cook everything from scratch so that means occasionally things get messy. One thing I cannot stand is when my clothing gets splashed or marked, so I use an apron, well actually I user more than 1 apron, I [...]

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BEST Murder Mystery Book Series – A Jillian Bradley Mystery Series

September 20, 2015

I adore the writings of Nancy Jill Thames, and believe that her Jillian Bradley Mystery Series in one of the Best Murder Mystery Book Series available today. I adore this series, as it is a murder mystery book series that is not swamped with shocking graphic details, foul language on every page, and sex scenes, [...]

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Business is Business by Bridgitte Lesley ~ Enthralling Romance Novel

September 19, 2015

With 5 Star Reviews – Bridgitte Lesley has done it once again in this book!   I am an avid reader and read many genre’s.  Bridgitte Lesley is one author I read if I feel like curling up and reading romance. Business is Business is a super read with so many twists, turns and surprises, [...]

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Author Interviews

September 19, 2015

Hi everyone, A fun time was had at my Author Interview with The Book Nymph. If you wish to read it all please click here I know you wont be disappointed. Only a short post today, as I wanted get this wonderful piece of news out to you. Love, Light and Blessings Until Next Time

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The Versatile Diabetic Pumpkin Scone – Yummy!

September 16, 2015

One thing that my family love are scones especially my elderly parents, whom I help care for. My Dad bless him has aged onset diabetes, plus as many of you know my husband is also a diabetes sufferer.

Today I want to share with you my 100% healthy diabetic scones.

Now these scones are so delicious, that my friends ask that I make them so their kiddies can take them for school lunches, plus my son and daughter order 1 dozen each when they come to visit (they take away what they call Mum’s Care packages – consisting of homemade, bread, scones and muffins as these freeze so well!) and guess what – they are not even diabetic!

Yummy recipe for Diabetic Pumpkin Scones

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