Lisa Frank Birthday Party SuppliesLisa Frank is famous for her bright neon and rainbow colored designs filled with animals, such as unicorns, kittens, pandas, dogs and dolphins.

Her unique range of colorful images appear on a huge range of merchandise, and is adored by little girls as well as many grownups such as myself!  Lisa Frank Birthday Party Supplies are well sort after as she has various themes – this one is an all time favorite … … …

Lisa Frank Rainbow (Rainbow Majesty)

Lisa Frank Invitations and Party Packs

Rainbow Majesty by Lisa Frank ... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... Invitations, 8ctRainbow Majesty by Lisa Frank … … … …. … … … … Invitations, 8ctLisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Happy Birthday Cake & Ice Cream Party Pack Set for 8 GuestsLisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Happy Birthday Cake & Ice Cream Party Pack Set for 8 GuestsLisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Unicorn Party Pack Plates, Napkins, Cups 16 GuestsLisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Unicorn Party Pack Plates, Napkins, Cups 16 Guests

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Why You Need To Buy Adult Coloring In Books

by Maggie on March 28, 2016

But Adult Coloring In BooksThere are many reasons why you need to buy adult coloring in books. Adult Coloring In Books are a fantastic way to relieve stress and calm the racing mind, I find getting my coloring pencils out and choosing one of my coloring books with pictures that are so inspirational and delightful, and color in even for 10 to 15 minutes, allows me to achieve a quiet calm and refocus on what on I need to do.


Spring Garden: Colouring BookSpring Garden: Colouring BookAutumn Garden: Colouring BookAutumn Garden: Colouring BookEnchanting English GardenEnchanting English Garden


My daughter is a very busy Mom with 3 children, with 2 of them being very boisterous twins and she used to find that she was so wound up by day’s end, she couldn’t relax enough to sleep when it was time.  So, what she did and still does, is get into bed, reach for  her favorite coloring book and let her creativity take over her inner child out and become totally absorbed for a while, and color away.  She then sleeps well!

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Adult Coloring Books for Guys – The TOP 20!

March 28, 2016

Adult Coloring Books for Guys – is a growing trend with more and more guys/men realizing that they need a creative and stress relieving hobby. Often times men work long stressful hours with additional travel times, have family commitments and need that ‘“little something” to lose themselves in, if only for a short time. I […]

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March 18, 2016

I have had 2 huge operations recently, and really know how a hospital stay can effect you. How you can easily slip into a deep sadness, and how BORING it can be.  This is why this post Best Gifts for Women in Hospital is so important to me as I write it from Personal Experience. […]

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Yoga Benefits and Cancer Patients

March 10, 2016

I am a Cancer Survivor and fully understand that Yoga Benefits and Cancer patients go together, let me explain. Yoga And Cancer Survivors Once I came out of hospital I knew I had to get stronger and strengthen my core. Plus I knew I must stretch out my adhesions and scar tissue on the inside […]

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Cancer from HELL to Health – My Story and Cure Cancer Naturally Regimen

March 1, 2016

Cancer – From HELL to Health – My Story and Cure Cancer Naturally Regimen is about my healing journey, a journey from darkness, despair, devastation and fear brought about by a diagnosis no one ever wants to hear. Cancer! To the Relief of being told “There is no Evidence of Disease” Top Foods Fight Cancer […]

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Amazing True Dogs Stories – Popsie Finds A Family

January 1, 2016

“Popsie Finds a Family” is an outstanding and highly recommended book with over 31 – 5 Star Reviews.  If your children adore Amazing True Dogs Stories then this book is one they will want to read over and over. I will let Popsie take over from here and explain what this book is about – […]

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Dealing Cancer – My Cancer Survivor Story and my Alternative Therapies For Cancer Regime

November 14, 2015

I would like to publicly share My Story regarding my fight against Cancer and Kicking its butt. I find it very hard to tell my story, to put to paper what I have been through, laid out for everyone to read, however, I feel that I am being guided to do this, in order to […]

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Best Christmas Gifts for Readers

November 7, 2015

It is so easy to make an Avid Reader Happy All you need to do is focus in on their passion,  reading! I have chosen gifts for women who adore reading – it really is the Best Christmas Gift for Readers Here is an easy plan for you to make them so happy and excited […]

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The Spirit of Christmas – The Legend of Christmas Cake and where to BUY Christmas Cake

November 1, 2015

Christmas cake is an old English tradition which first appeared as plum porridge. It is claimed that the eating of the porridge on Christmas Eve, became popular because of the benefit was said to “line the stomachs” of the diners following a day of fasting. As time went by, dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge mixture, which eventually lead to the Christmas pudding we know today.
Later it is said at some time in the 16th century, the oatmeal was removed from the original recipe, and butter, wheat flour and eggs were substituted. These new ingredients helped hold the mixture together and in what resulted in a boiled plum cake, which also had the effect of improving the texture and the flavour. These changes had a major influence on the popularity of the “Cake”.

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