A MUST HAVE ~ The What For How To of Holistic Alternative Healing (For Kindle)

by Maggie on October 10, 2015

You will wonder how you ever managed without this book! Yes it is that good!

At last a book that helps you discover alternative paths to good health and vitality plus get in touch with your spiritual self. A book without heaps of waffle.  If you desire to be healthy and fit, boost your energy and vitality, dissolve tension and stress, achieve that inner glow plus find your spiritual self along the way, then this book is a priceless treasure.

The What For How To of Holistic Alternative Healing has everything YOU need to succeed in your quest for clear concise useful information and knowledge in the fields of Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils including the Mystical and Spiritual Side, your Chakras and Meditation.

This book is brilliant and beautifully put together – in fact it is like several books all rolled into one. Written well, without waffle, giving you rails to run on which is good for those just starting out in their holistic healing journey.

Don’t hesitate or wait any longer, make this the turning point of your life

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