Living in the North West of Sydney, Australia with my partner of many years Lyndon.  I have 2 grown-up children and dogs that were rescued from death row

I gained qualifications in Social Work and all areas of Counseling when my children were babies and worked many years in this field. I am proud to say I achieved so much during this time, including setting up many new and innovative program’s especially for those who were aged, disabled or who had an acquired brain injury. Proudly I received many awards and was even presented to the serving Governor of Australia of Australia during my time in this field.

I was then led to work on my “Spiritual Self” and involved myself in all things Metaphysical plus “Spiritual and Vibrational Healing” and soon gained qualifications in Aromatherapy, Massage, Reiki and other forms of healing.“

I started my own Aromatherapy Company with Lyndon and after several years sold the Essential Oils component of the Company to work on my writing (I am also an author) and run workshops on Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Meditation and others in the Metaphysical Field. These were all received with waiting lists of people wishing to have a place..

I am also a Cancer Survivor having kicked in the butt a rare Peritoneal Liposarcoma.  I am Cured!  I am Healthy!

I strive to constantly challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone, that way I know I can become “More”.

I am also a a doting Nanna! Our Grandson Brock Hunter Day and the Twins Brody William and Addison Rose have brought so much joy into our lives. My husband and son are also besotted by these darling children and every day we give thanks that our daughter and her husband have blessed us with such gorgeous happy children. We intend to be the best grandparents and Uncle we can be and shine our light and teach them to be a fine citizens of this planet.

One thing many people ask me is what is your goal in life – what keeps you passionate about what you do?  The answer is simple –

To help the voiceless on this planet whether they be animals or humans.  So much needs to be done in so many areas, one cannot sit and turn a blind eye.

So now you know who Maggie David is … … …

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