Amazing True Dogs Stories – Popsie Finds A Family

by Maggie on January 1, 2016

amazing true dog stories“Popsie Finds a Family” is an outstanding and highly recommended book with over 31 – 5 Star Reviews.  If your children adore Amazing True Dogs Stories then this book is one they will want to read over and over.

I will let Popsie take over from here and explain what this book is about – she is a clever dog!

True Inspirational Stories for Kids

Hi everyone, it is Popsie here, in this story which is Book 1 in the series “The Adventures of Popsie and Friends” I tell you in my own words when my life was very scary and sad, and how my dreams came true when I found a new Mommy and Daddy who love and adore me.

You see when I was just a teeny tiny ball of fluff; “The Nasty People” came and took me from my doggie mommy to their home, and then left me outside in all weathers without shelter or a dry clean bed.  Starved, full of fleas, weak and scared I struggled to survive.

Then one day I run away … I won’t go into more now as I will spoil the book for you.  Mommy always says “Popsie you are such a chatter box!”

Bedtime Stories Kids

I want to reassure you that my book is not scary and can be read at bedtime. I tell my story well and many of the emotions I went through are

Amazing True stories Dogs

"I Love Mommy and Daddy"

brought to life in a sensitive way, such as fear, sadness, loneliness, joy, hope, love and happiness. At the end your bedtime readers will be jumping with excitement and joy just like I was when Mommy and Daddy came for me and told me they loved me.  Me they Loved Me!!! Woof!

So you can get to know me even better, I let Mommy and Daddy take many real life photo’s of me, and put them in the book. I squiggle and wiggle though woof woof, ‘cos I find life so exciting and fun now.

Mommy says heartwarming dog stories are well accepted by children and exercise the imagination and make things come to life.

Did you know you can read this book on Kindle or any e-reader, plus in Amazon cloud?

Oh, and Mommy has just reminded me, you can also download the free app on Amazon so you can read my book and see my photo’s on your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

I send you iggly, wiggly, licky hugs and kisses


Popsie Finds A Family: Dog Stories for Kids and Bedtime Stories for Kids (The Adventures of Popsie & Friends Book 1)

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