Bedtime Stories for Kids – The Homecoming

by Maggie on February 25, 2014

At that moment, I saw three faces at the glass door all wagging tails looking at me with excitement.

“Hello” they all barked together “Are you our new sister Mom and Dad told us about?”

“Yes, my name is Popsie” I replied. 

The door opened and squiggly, tail wagging, licky kissing, sniffy brothers and a sister surrounded me.

“Welcome Popsie my name is JD”, woofed this little black and tan dog.

“I am your eldest brother, this little squirt bouncing up and down is Churchill, and he is your second eldest brother”.

“Hello” said this gorgeous golden dog, a lot bigger than her brothers, pushing her way in.  “A sister, I have a sister at last, my name is Willow, I am so glad you have arrived”.

“Hello,Hello, Hello” barked Churchill, “Welcome, welcome, welcome” he continued, bouncing up and down so high.  He had big ears and the teeniest tiniest face I had ever seen!

“Hello everyone” I barked with joy, waggling my tail so fast, I wondered if it would drop off.

“I am so glad you are happy to have me come live with you”.

“Of course we are” JD woofed “We are not mean dogs, we would love to share our home with you forever, there is always room for one more, come on everyone, let’s show Popsie around the garden”.

Mom and Dad, unclipped me from the leash, and we took off around the garden with Mom and Dad following.

“Popsie look here,” said a very excited JD. “This is the big possum tree, and that one over there and that one and that one, and…”

“JD slow down” Willow said.

Ok Willow, you tell her” JD said … … …

Yes, the 2nd Book in the series is here along with an extra photo gallery plus surprises at the back of the book – Popsie continues her story, and in this book she tells you about “The Homecoming” something very special and important to her.

After living in fear for so long, with the Nasty People, she now looks forward to a new life, with a loving family and many adventures. 

Dog stories for children and short stories on animals have always been well accepted and this book is no exception.  All the stories are told by Popsie herself.

The first book in the series “Popsie Finds a Family” has rave 5 star reviews; all the books in this series will continue to be quality, full of adventure and teach valuable life lessons along the way.

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