BEST Murder Mystery Book Series – A Jillian Bradley Mystery Series

by Maggie on September 20, 2015

I adore the writings of Nancy Jill Thames, and believe that her Jillian Bradley Mystery Series in one of the Best Murder Mystery Book Series available today.

I adore this series, as it is a murder mystery book series that is not swamped with shocking graphic details, foul language on every page, and sex scenes, no one really wants to read. The whole series is a light, mystery that draws you in so you feel you are really part of Jillian Bradley’s friendship circle, especially when Jillian discusses her food and also the gardens she visits.

A new book in the series has been released – Murder At The Empress Hotel – (Book 10) a little about it below


Jillian and Teddy solved yet another crime and stole my heart yet again!

This time the adventure is in Vancouver, Canada where there is bitter conflict over fishing rights …. and the love of one woman turns deadly with the murder of a young attorney, drawing Jillian and Teddy into yet another intriguing adventure.  From the first page I was once again enthralled unable to put it down.

I have all the books in this series and highly recommend it, but please start from book 1 and go on from there.

Nancy Jill Thames, I am now hanging out for book 11.

Just click on the book cover below to be taken to the book, then snuggle down, with your favorite beverage and a couple of delicious sweet treats, put up the Do Not Disturb Sign and enjoy!

BEST MURDER MYSTERY BOOK SERIES – other books in this series are –

Murder in Half Moon Bay: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 1 The Ghost Orchid Murder: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 2 From the Clutches of Evil: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 3 The Mark of Eden: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 4 Pacific Beach: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 5 Waiting for Santa: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 6 The Ruby of Siam: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 7 The Long Trip Home: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 8 Murder at Mirror Lake: A Jillian Bradley Mystery, Book 9

These books are KINDLE books and if you need a new KINDLE or need to INVEST IN ONE as you do not have one, these are my recommendations. They are in COLOR and have such fantastic features, AND DO NOT cost an arm or a leg. The Kindle Fire’s are great also to put toddler books on, and other children’s books, because the color illustrations show up in a clear, crisp, concise way.

Fire, 7 Fire HD 8, 8 Fire HD 10, 10.1



Happy Reading – ENJOY!

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