Business is Business by Bridgitte Lesley ~ Enthralling Romance Novel

by Maggie on September 19, 2015

With 5 Star Reviews – Bridgitte Lesley has done it once again in this book!


I am an avid reader and read many genre’s.  Bridgitte Lesley is one author I read if I feel like curling up and reading romance.

Business is Business is a super read with so many twists, turns and surprises, it keeps you enthralled from page one.

Roz was a business woman through and through strong and decisive and would often take ailing businesses, break them into a few companies selling them off making good profits.

Could you call her driven??   Yes!   She had no ties. She could not sit still. She had a personal goal and she would push heaven and earth to achieve it.

Then she met Francois who was content with his life he had two sons and was basically happy the way things were.

Francois and his family would come to know Roz and each and every one of her habits also her moods, she was a ball of fun, at times hilarious but other times very serious

Francois then did the unspeakable, he tried to stand in the way of Roz ….

Do yourself a favor, grab a copy, your favorite beverage and treat, put up the Do Not Disturb Sign and ENJOY!

Just click on the cover below



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