Yoga Benefits and Cancer Patients

March 10, 2016

I am a Cancer Survivor and fully understand that Yoga Benefits and Cancer patients go together, let me explain. Yoga And Cancer Survivors Once I came out of hospital I knew I had to get stronger and strengthen my core. Plus I knew I must stretch out my adhesions and scar tissue on the inside […]

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Facts Everyone Should Know about Matcha Plus Matcha Green Tea Powder Where To Buy

October 25, 2015

I wish to share with you all today something that I adore, something I have a love affair with  and know that when I drink it,  it is actually healing my body and that is Matcha Green Tea. Matcha Green Tea and Cancer –  I continue to use Matcha Green Tea in my Health Regime […]

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Quick, Easy Stress Relief For Life: Stress Reduction, Stress Management for Stress Free Living

June 8, 2015

Imagine your day WITHOUT headaches, neck and back pain, frequent or wild mood swings, difficulty concentrating, the feeling of dread, arguments at home and the other myriad of symptoms that come with being constantly stressed. Imagine Stress Free Living! How would your day be? How would your day/life change? The busy lifestyles we live today […]

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Meditation a Prescription for Stress Relief and Better Health

May 3, 2015

Well hello everyone, Today I bring you something very close to my heart – Meditation. It can help your Stress Levels and Overall heath. I bring this post to you in a very different way. Let me know how you like it. Keep on reading the words on the video, until the very end.   […]

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Diabetic Recipes that Are Yummy!

January 30, 2015

Today I would like to discuss a little about Diabetes.

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes some time ago and felt that he was hit from above with a ton of bricks. His diabetes is controlled through diet and exercise, so he is very lucky.

When we went back into his family history, we found that diabetes was on his families side plus I knew it was already on my families side, so we made sure our grown up children were very aware of what is was and to have their blood sugar levels checked by the Doctors on a regular basis, plus also to stick to a very healthy diet and exercise regime which interesting enough our family has always done.

3 Diabetic Recipes for the whole family to enjoy

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Natural Cures

May 3, 2013

Only today, I was listening to an interview broadcast on the BBC. The subject? “NATURAL CURES” A whole range of issues was discussed which incorporated questions regarding the value of “old remedies and natural medicine”. Simple questions were asked such as, “What did this culture use for XYZ problem?” or, “What was in common usage […]

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Facts You should Know – Fibromyalgia or Chronic Vitamin D Deficiency?

June 2, 2010

Today I want to discuss something that is so serious to everyone’s health and when I say everyone, I mean Men, Women, and Children. A Health Issue that even Doctors rarely test for. In fact it is so well hidden, that no one thinks about it.

I was recently diagnosed with this serious health issue much to my shock and horror, but in one way was very glad, as it means a diagnosis given some months ago, could be wrong.

A frank discussion on something that everyone needs to know about, vitamin d Deficiency.

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