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Yoga Benefits and Cancer Patients

March 10, 2016

I am a Cancer Survivor and fully understand that Yoga Benefits and Cancer patients go together, let me explain. Yoga And Cancer Survivors Once I came out of hospital I knew I had to get stronger and strengthen my core. Plus I knew I must stretch out my adhesions and scar tissue on the inside […]

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Cancer from HELL to Health – My Story and Cure Cancer Naturally Regimen

March 1, 2016

Cancer – From HELL to Health – My Story and Cure Cancer Naturally Regimen is about my healing journey, a journey from darkness, despair, devastation and fear brought about by a diagnosis no one ever wants to hear. Cancer! To the Relief of being told “There is no Evidence of Disease” Top Foods Fight Cancer […]

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Dealing Cancer – My Cancer Survivor Story and my Alternative Therapies For Cancer Regime

November 14, 2015

I would like to publicly share My Story regarding my fight against Cancer and Kicking its butt. I find it very hard to tell my story, to put to paper what I have been through, laid out for everyone to read, however, I feel that I am being guided to do this, in order to […]

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Juice For Health: Apple, Celery, Beet, Carrot, Lemon and Ginger root

September 28, 2015

Every morning I juice fresh veggies and fruit and always use organic if available. The reason for this is to boost my immune system in order to stop a regrowth of a Rare Peritoneal Liposarcoma cancer ( I am now showing No Evidence of Disease) READ ABOUT MY JOURNEY HERE Please make sure before juicing […]

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