Easy Chocolate Cake Recipes

by Maggie on May 4, 2015

Mixing my Vintage Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe!

Mixing my Vintage Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe!

As the late great John Denver used to sing –

Some days are diamonds some days are stonessometimes the hard times won’t leave me alone” – oh these words are true for me, however, the other day – It was a case of “Some Days are Diamonds” and I cannot wait to tell you why but before I do, I need to tell you that –

I collect Cook Books and I am always rummaging around in second hand shops, garage sales, tip shops, op shops, car boot sales, you know that sort of thing to find very old treasures in the form of cookbooks, to add to my collection because I love to bake and cook and share with others vintage recipes, especially cake and frosting recipes.

Well, recently on one of “Treasure Hunts” I came across this very, very old cook book. They are recipes that come from a long forgotten recipe book on Easy Chocolate Cake Recipes, cookies (biscuits) and much more in the cakes and chocolate line. What pleases me is the fact that these recipes are over 100 years old! Yes the book is over 100 years old! There are so many recipes to bake and try it is thrilling!

I guarantee if you saw the easy chocolate cake recipes inside, you would fall in love with each recipe and the book itself– I know I did, it was an unexpected “Treasure Trove” of Chocolate Delights!

I sat up for a few nights entranced reading this book carefully from cover to cover. I was so excited about this book, I even asked my long suffering husband, if I should wear white gloves to protect the pages.

I feel these irresistible recipes especially the easy chocolate cake recipes deserve the light of day and deserve to be made with great joy and presented with great pride for friends and family to enjoy!

It was in this vain I started a conversation with my husband who said “Look Maggie – how many other people would love to get there hands on this book and try these recipes, even the pictures in the book are delightful, I know people would love to have this information especially seeing it has so many easy chocolate cake recipes”

I looked at him in amazement – went and made myself a cuppa and had a good think about the book, what he said and other passionate “Cake Bakers” out there.

To cut a long story short, I decided (Gulp) to make an e-Book – (deep breath Maggie) – let me explain further –

I have taken recipes throughout this very special recipe book, mixed and matched to make one e-Book. (I plan to make another 2 books as there are SO MANY recipes to share with you)

Each recipe presented in this first e-Book is tried and tested and I present the recipes as they were originally written and laid out in the book however with one important exception – I have inserted brackets with modern day meanings by words or weights and measures I feel may have gone out of fashion so a better understanding and 100% positive outcome with these recipes will be had by all! Baking easy chocolate cake recipes from a bygone era has never been easier.

Are they good – Yes! Are they lip smacking, more please – Yes!

Until Next time

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