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by Maggie on May 3, 2013

Only today, I was listening to an interview broadcast on the BBC.

The subject?


A whole range of issues was discussed which incorporated questions regarding the value of “old remedies and natural medicine”.

Simple questions were asked such as, “What did this culture use for XYZ problem?” or, “What was in common usage in the 19th century for this particular complaint?”

Issues regarding what secrets are awaiting discovery at the bottom of the sea for instance? Or the Hackneyed call, to search the rainforests now before all the magic remedies that will be lost forever, following Man’s insatiable appetite for timber and more cleared land to grow more cash crops (Where have they been for the last 30 years)?

Whatever your attitude to all of this maybe, you must agree, that if you plan to stay on this planet for any length of time, you will probably need to think more carefully about what it is we are being told. What is being said, and what should we believe?

Reference was made to old-fashioned remedies “Falling into non- use or disregard around 50-60 years ago. WHY? Guess which industry emerged at about this time?

You get 11/10 if you said—- The Pharmaceutical Industry.

Asprin is probably one of the better known and much loved drugs available to us all.

Any sort of Penicillin base applications, is also, and with good cause, a Godsend to those suffering from infection, and all that these things it can be of help with.

The question though has to be asked. Where did the raw material come from in the first place?

If you said Nature. You just got 11/10 again.

Fully 25% of pharmaceutical products are derived from natural products i.e. plants, animals, insects Etc (This information provided in the broadcast mentioned earlier)

So, if the only effective remedies used in medicine can only be obtained from the drug companies, how come they rely so heavily on nature for their products?


As you have possibly already worked out, I feel, we are being led by the nose on these issues and the motivation is not our welfare!

However, Make your own decision.

My suggestion is—Look at natural cures to protect your family, multinational companies.

Below is a great resource to help you in your quest to give your family the very  best..let me know what you think.

Until Next Time,

Love and Light

P.S. Take a quick look, this should be in YOUR library at home. Cut down on Drs. Fees!

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