Picture Stories Kids – The Chocolate Cake Picture Book

June 1, 2015

This is a delightful book that you can download into your eReader, Kindle Device, Smart Phone, Ipad, Tablet. Picture Stories Kids The Chocolate Cake Picture Book is true to its word and has 23 real life photo’s helping to tell the story.If your child loves picture books then this book is for them.Brock visits his […]

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Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting

May 30, 2015

Some think the smell and taste of Vanilla is “Ambrosia to the Gods” and I tend to agree. Vanilla Frosting is a particular favourite of mine, made with butter, some fresh cream and a good slurp of pure vanilla essence mixed with some confectioners sugar, topped quite thick on a light as a feather sponge […]

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Home Made Butter Cream Frosting made EASY?

May 25, 2015

Who does not like a delicious and traditional Butter Cream Frosting? Made correctly, it is light as air, fluffy, lip smacking and you want more. Have you ever thought though, how it was made years ago when you had to churn your own butter? Come with me as we go back in time to when […]

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Royal Icing ~ How Do You Make Royal Icing?

May 18, 2015

  When some people hear the words “Royal Icing” they turn pale and shake in their shoes, yes I have seen it with my own eyes. Royal Icing they believe is far too hard to make and also to work with, but I am here to tell you that it is easy if you know […]

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Raspberry Butter Cream Frosting Is The Best?

May 14, 2015

What can one say about the humble Raspberry, except that it is delicious, nutritious and makes the most awesome jam, cake frosting, and hands up those who have smacked their lips at the even sight of Raspberry Frosting? They also make a great addition to muffins, fairy cakes and ice cream and Oh not to […]

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Easy Chocolate Cake Recipes

May 4, 2015

As the late great John Denver used to sing –

“Some days are diamonds some days are stones – sometimes the hard times won’t leave me alone” – oh these words are true for me, however, the other day – It was a case of “Some Days are Diamonds” and I cannot wait to tell you why but before I do, I need to tell you that –

I collect Cook Books and I am always rummaging around in second hand shops, garage sales, tip shops, op shops, car boot sales, you know that sort of thing to find very old treasures in the form of cookbooks, to add to my collection because I love to bake and cook and share with others vintage recipes, especially cake and frosting recipes.

Information about a great vintage cook-book I found, plus links to the Bake Cake Now Site for you to view a Chocolate cook book in e-book form that I have put together with 39 of the vintage chocolate cake recipes plus a link to where I got my gorgeous wall hanging tapestries

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Meditation a Prescription for Stress Relief and Better Health

May 3, 2015

Well hello everyone, Today I bring you something very close to my heart – Meditation. It can help your Stress Levels and Overall heath. I bring this post to you in a very different way. Let me know how you like it. Keep on reading the words on the video, until the very end.   […]

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Diabetic Recipes that Are Yummy!

January 30, 2015

Today I would like to discuss a little about Diabetes.

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes some time ago and felt that he was hit from above with a ton of bricks. His diabetes is controlled through diet and exercise, so he is very lucky.

When we went back into his family history, we found that diabetes was on his families side plus I knew it was already on my families side, so we made sure our grown up children were very aware of what is was and to have their blood sugar levels checked by the Doctors on a regular basis, plus also to stick to a very healthy diet and exercise regime which interesting enough our family has always done.

3 Diabetic Recipes for the whole family to enjoy

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Bedtime Stories for Kids – The Homecoming – Rave Reviews

August 2, 2014

Hi everyone, I just thought that I would update you on on an awesome review for the 2nd book in the series the Adventures of Popsie and Friends – The Homecoming. The review is a 5 star review and Popsie and her Sister Willow and Brothers JD and Churchill are all very excited about it. […]

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Bedtime Stories for Kids – The Homecoming

February 25, 2014

At that moment, I saw three faces at the glass door all wagging tails looking at me with excitement. “Hello” they all barked together “Are you our new sister Mom and Dad told us about?” “Yes, my name is Popsie” I replied.  The door opened and squiggly, tail wagging, licky kissing, sniffy brothers and a sister surrounded me. “Welcome Popsie […]

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