Picture Stories Kids – The Chocolate Cake Picture Book

by Maggie on June 1, 2015

This is a delightful book that you can download into your eReader, Kindle Device, Smart Phone, Ipad, Tablet.

Picture Stories Kids

The Chocolate Cake Picture Book is true to its word and has 23 real life photo’s helping to tell the story.If your child loves picture books then this book is for them.Brock visits his Nannie’s house and they decided to have lots of fun and laughter and cook a chocolate cake. It turns out to be a great adventure.

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Children adore this book as it is full of real life pictures and a great story line –

* Did Brock manage to make a chocolate cake without tipping anything?

* How did he make the frosting?

* Was there any frosting mixture left in the bowl to lick?

* Did Brock put his whole face in the bowl to get the last bit of cake mixture?

* Oh No! Was Brock in time to stop his Nannie’s naughty dog Popsie from eating the cake?

The answers and more are all in The Chocolate Cake Picture Book!

Beginning Reading Books Kids

Every child loves to learn to read but also have pictures to stimulate the process. This book therefore makes an ideal bedtime story or a story your kiddies can read on your phone or tablet in the car, whilst sitting in the shopping trolley and more besides.

One exciting thing I will point out to you is It is FREE, yes FREE for all Prime and Kindle unlimited Members.

This is what one reader says -“By C. RogersFormat:Kindle Edition|Verified PurchaseThe Chocolate Cake Picture Book story is told by Brock, who is making a chocolate cake under instruction from his nanny, who he obviously has a great relationship with. Whilst the story itself is simple, the pictures of Brock making the cake step by step have been very well presented and are sure to appeal to any young child reading this book with their grandparent or parent.”

Whether a Grandparent or Parent, grab your copy today, you won’t be disappointed.

Love and Light Brockie’s Nanna


The Chocolate Cake Picture Book: with 23 Real Life Photo's telling the storyThe Chocolate Cake Picture Book: with 23 Real Life Photo’s telling the story


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