Raspberry Butter Cream Frosting Is The Best?

by Maggie on May 14, 2015

red_berries_1888-2What can one say about the humble Raspberry, except that it is delicious, nutritious and makes the most awesome jam, cake frosting, and hands up those who have smacked their lips at the even sight of Raspberry Frosting?

They also make a great addition to muffins, fairy cakes and ice cream and Oh not to forget raspberries and fresh cream with a scone or on their own. Am I making your mouth water yet?

When I think of Raspberries, I think of my Grandad Ted who I adored and how I used to help him in his huge, and I mean huge vegetable and fruit garden. Grandad Ted and Grannie Min had 11 children and when they grew up and got married, they lived close by; some of them even built houses on land bought from Grandad. Each child produced many children, quite a clan we were all fed from Granddad’s huge garden plus his pigs, poultry and rabbits.

Anyways back to the story; when Grandad was not working as a Master Baker, you would find him, in his garden or looking after the live stock. This is where I loved to come and help and be taught the “How To” on it all.

I remember the Raspberry Canes, they would line 3 lines deep 2 canes per hole either side of the path to the house, then off to the pigs, poultryand rabbits Each Cane standing around 6 feet. I used to love helping Grandad stake and tie these canes before fruiting, as each cane gave of its best

Grandad was very proud of his garden; the soil was rich and fertile and produced only the best of produce. After each harvest the soil was fed with well rotted manure and compostdug in deep, turned 2-3 times left for a 2-3 weeks, turned again, then new crops planted in a rotation system.

I remember how It was drummed into me “Raspberry Canes, are tricky little devils, they don’t like to get wet feet, and won’t do well, if weeds tickle their legs Margie” he used to say. “Don’t tie them too tight, you will bruise the cane, just enough to give ‘em support, show ‘em love and they will give you fruit to be proud of” was the repeated instruction every time we gave the canes support.

The Raspberry canes, they did show us love, with an abundance of fruit, perfectly formed sweet, delicious berries ready for us to pick and eat as is or turn into something satisfying and delicious like Grannie Mins Double Sponge Cake which was so light I used to think one puff of wind and it would blow away, filled with fresh whipped cream, layered with fresh raspberries and topped with the best raspberry frosting I have ever tasted.

Grandad is long gone now, even after all this time, I still miss him at times, it is funny how memories can come bouncing back when you look, touch or smell certain things. Raspberries, those delicious little berries do it for me all the time.

Oh those Raspberry canes, they kept on giving, year after year, after year.

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