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The Spirit of Christmas – The Legend of Christmas Cake and where to BUY Christmas Cake

November 1, 2015

Christmas cake is an old English tradition which first appeared as plum porridge. It is claimed that the eating of the porridge on Christmas Eve, became popular because of the benefit was said to “line the stomachs” of the diners following a day of fasting. As time went by, dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge mixture, which eventually lead to the Christmas pudding we know today.
Later it is said at some time in the 16th century, the oatmeal was removed from the original recipe, and butter, wheat flour and eggs were substituted. These new ingredients helped hold the mixture together and in what resulted in a boiled plum cake, which also had the effect of improving the texture and the flavour. These changes had a major influence on the popularity of the “Cake”.

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