The Versatile Diabetic Pumpkin Scone – Yummy!

by Maggie on September 16, 2015

One thing that my family love are scones especially my elderly parents, whom I help care for. My Dad bless him has aged onset diabetes, plus as many of you know my husband is also a diabetes sufferer.

Today I want to share with you my 100% healthy diabetic scones.

Now these scones are so delicious, that my friends ask that I make them so their kiddies can take them for school lunches, plus my son and daughter order 1 dozen each when they come to visit (they take away what they call Mum’s Care packages – consisting of homemade, bread, scones and muffins as these freeze so well!) and guess what – they are not even diabetic!

I guarantee that once you have tried these they will become a firm favourite!

My Grandad was a master baker and he drummed one thing into me about making scones and that was make them in the quickest time possible, with a touch that is “feather light” and whenever rubbing fat into the flour, always lift the flour high above the bowl at the same time. PLUS this is a biggie – NEVER use a fork or spoon only a knife when combining the liquid and dry ingredients, a fork or spoon will make the dough tough.

Now onto the recipe:

2 ½ cups SR flour (Note: Use Spelt Flour or Wholemeal Flour) – Triple Sifted
35g low fat margarine or 80% less fat Philly cream cheese (your choice)
1/2 teaspoon mixed spice (Level)
1 cup pumpkin – cooked, mashed when cold and strained to remove access moisture
1 cup low fat Greek yoghurt
1 Tablespoon brown sugar

Preheat oven to hot – (You know your oven) My Oven is hot at 220c

Lightly grease a non-stick scone tray

In a large bowl, sift together the flour and spice – 3 times

Rub Marg or Cream Cheese into this using your fingertips (remember “feather light”).

In a separate small bowl mix the mashed strained pumpkin, yoghurt and brown sugar together.

Now make a well in the centre of your flour mixture and add the pumpkin mix. Quickly but thoroughly mix this through your flour mixture with a knife using cutting actions.

Lightly flour the surface of a pastry board, turn out the Scone Dough and gently knead through 3-4 times NO MORE! Any more than this, you will make them heavy.

Pat dough to ½ inch thickness and cut the scones using a scone cutter and place onto your scone tray.

Brush over the top of each scone with a little whole milk

Bake for 12 – 15 minutes or until cooked (again, you know your oven)

Quickly remove from oven and place scones onto large clean cotton tea towel and wrap it over and around the scones. Leave for 5 minutes then unwrap and serve immediately.

These can be frozen and if you want to do this, wrap each scone individually and tightly with the cling wrap of your choice when completely cooled.


(1) You can also add 1 cup of chopped pitted dates or sultana’s (Yummy)

(2) Substitute pumpkin for sweet potato – following the instructions for pumpkin exactly

These are fabulous:

(A) Served for morning or afternoon tea, with Diabetic Jam and now it has just been released, the Philly 60% less fat cream. WOW!

(B) Served with Pumpkin Soup for Lunch

(C) ½ a scone given to a toddler for a delicious HEALTHY Snack

Just remember, food need not be boring or unhealthy! I believe that if you are going to the trouble to make something yummy, make it as healthy as you can, and these scones do fit that bill.

So get your Apron on, and make these scones and when ready serve with a good quality tea!

Click the banners below to see what kind of Aprons I wear and where I get my tea from.  I only use quality tea, my motto is if your gonna drink tea, then drink Quality, the taste is so much better!



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Until Next time

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