Under the Mistletoe – Mistletoe Tradition, Mistletoe History

by Maggie on December 18, 2010


The Mystery of the “Mistletoe”
“A.K.A Dung on a Twig”

We all know what happens under the Mistletoe (Don’t We?)

I’m sure after reading this, the mistletoe for you will never be quite the same again.

The history of Mistletoe sheds light on the role and significance of the evergreen mistletoe in Christmas festivities. It was believed in the ancient times, that the mistletoe tree could propagate from bird droppings. The Anglo-Saxon meaning of the name is dung on a twig
Mistletoe was believed to have magical powers of healing. The tree was sacred to the ancient Celtic Druids. The cutting of the mistletoe from the oak (mistletoes are parasites,) though they can grow on their own, signified the emasculation of the old King by his successor. Having the mistletoe decorated in the Christmas season, originated from the pagan customs. The famous axiom “kissing under the mistletoe” has its origin in the Norse mythology and Celtic rituals.

From the history of mistletoe we find, the plant has been treated as sacred by many communities. The use of evergreens symbolizes the hope of a glorious spring in the cold bleak winter. It was also the symbol of survival and hardiness. (If you’ve spent a winter in the northern hemisphere, you’ll relate to this one) Mistletoe is also the mark of peace and goodwill. They are used in Christmas wreaths also, and in Christmas history, mistletoe sheds light on the fact that the early church stalwarts were against the use of mistletoe in the Christmas festivities. They favoured holly.

With the passage of time, people started using mistletoe in all aspects of Christmas celebrations, be it in the wreaths, or home decoration, or Christmas tree decoration, or gift-wrapping.

Now what I want you to do is – Turn up your speakers, and listen to this video clip and SING ALONG! Go on, get into the spirit of Christmas, No I don’t want any arguments, who cares if you sing off key, I do, no one is looking, ENJOY yourself!

Also I would love to share with you, what I am listening to and watching when I am cooking my Christmas cakes plus decorating them, and also making Christmas shortbread and a HUGE Yule log. They are AWESOME!

Until Next Time

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